Due Date: A Meaningless Concept

I’ve now officially completed 40 weeks (which, if anyone’s counting, is 10 months) of pregnancy, but this baby is apparently unaware of that fact. Chris and a few other people are getting impatient for this kid to be born, but it’s not like I’ve been holding out just to frustrate the relatives. No one wants this to happen more than me!

In the meantime, I’ve been making sure to get out of the house on some kind of excursion at least once a day. Chris gets nervous as soon as I step out the door, whether I’m walking or driving: he seems convinced I’ll go into labour while I’m out and will be unable to crawl to a phone to get in touch with him. It’s cute, actually.

On the upside, they’ll only let me go 10 days late, so the clock is ticking…