Summer Plans

I’m really excited about this editing workshop, which is a good sign. I’m going to tell myself that Justin is too young to miss his mom too much (and his dad will still be here, so that’s OK). It’s been years since I upgraded my skills — I can’t wait!

Shortly after that workshop, we’re going to pack up and drive to Saskatoon to visit my family. We don’t know what kind of traveller Justin will be, but we’re crossing our fingers. He’s a pretty easygoing guy in general, so hopefully four days of driving won’t be too traumatic for him. I’m famous for travelling light, never taking more than is absolutely necessary, but I think those days are gone now that Justin is here. The amount of stuff we have to take just for him is unreal.

It was a bit of an early morning today, and it wasn’t even Justin’s fault: it’s Chris’s birthday, and he’s always so excited about it that he wakes up early to open presents. Talk about a kid at heart…