Looking Ahead

I may be one of the few people looking forward to the end of the summer. Besides the fact that fall is my favorite season, I’m excited about getting back into some programs that weren’t available during the summer: strollercise, Mommy Movies, etc. Plus, Justin will be six months old in September, which means he’ll be old enough to do things like swimming lessons. I might even join a curling team this winter. All good.

Of course, the fact that Justin is almost six months old means I’m almost halfway through my maternity leave, and that seems weird. (The girl who’s covering my leave at work is actually pregnant herself, which is even weirder.) I guess I’ll have to start looking into day cares one of these days. Justin currently doesn’t care who looks after him, but that may change.

The little guy slept in about 45 minutes this morning, so our routine is a bit off. I thought maybe with the extra sleep he would skip his first nap (he normally has four naps a day) but no. I guess we all have days like that. There’s no way I’ll complain about a baby who likes to sleep!