The Battle Continues

Why is it that Justin loves to put everything in his mouth except the food we want him to eat? We’re still struggling to get him to take more cereal (maybe he’s holding out for something better) and it’s pretty frustrating, particularly since he’s usually such a good eater.

He’s obviously not starving, though. Weight-wise, he’s off the chart, and he’s in the 90th percentile for height (that means 90 per cent of six-month-old boys out there are shorter than my son — how weird is that?) Everyone keeps reassuring me that he’ll slim down once he starts walking, but I never even thought of that as an issue until I started getting all these reassurances. He seems fine to me.

I do wonder how he got so tall. He’s over 27 inches. I’m only 60 inches. Maybe he’ll be able to carry me around before long.