Odds and Ends

Out of curiosity, I had Justin weighed this week, and he was just shy of 20 pounds. I figured as much, cause he’s busting out of his car seat. We’re installing the new one tomorrow and I’m really not looking forward to losing the convenience of the infant carrier. I never imagined he’d grow out of it at six and a half months. Sigh.

The little guy babbles all the time now and it’s just so cute, even if it is extremely loud. I thought he would’ve changed his sleeping pattern by now, but he still has four naps a day, plus he’s sleeping 10 or 11 straight hours at night, so life is good.

Grandma and Grandpa Kingwell arrive tomorrow for an extended visit, which means I have free child care and can get out and do anything I want next week. So far, that consists of a meeting with my boss and a trip to the dentist. Oh, the life I lead.