The Countdown is On

Eleven days until we leave for our Caribbean cruise! I know we’ll miss Justin, but I’m just really looking forward to having a holiday where I can do what I want (perhaps even sleep past 6:30 a.m.) without worrying about him. The fact that he is absolutely not a cuddler actually works in our favor — I think that may be part of why he never shows any signs of stranger anxiety. He’s an independent type.

I turned 29 last Thursday and the celebrations went on for about four days, which was nice. I went out for dinner with a couple girlfriends on Friday, one of whom is due to have a baby in about three weeks, so the conversation mainly focused on all things pregnancy- and baby-related. The people around us probably lost their appetites, but oh, well. It was fun.

I realized last week that we hadn’t taken a single picture since Christmas, so we finally got a couple shots of Justin crawling around. Enjoy!