Growing Up (And Out)

Sometimes people ask me if I miss my job, and to be honest I don’t really think about it. I’m happy to be home with Justin, seeing all the new things he can do and knowing that I’ll never get these years back again. There are always those days when I wish I could just get away from it all for a while, but I’ve never really wished I was sitting in an office somewhere. It’s especially rewarding at home now that Justin has finally started showing some affection (he actually hugs us now!)

We noticed the other day that he’s grown another inch — he’s now 35 inches tall. If you buy into the theory that a person reaches half their adult height at age two (which Justin won’t be until March), it would seem that he’s going to tower over most of his relatives. Unreal.

I too am growing (as you can see by the new Pregnancy Pics photo gallery), but I’m going out, not up. I can’t believe how much bigger I am with this baby than I was with Justin, but I blame him for stretching things out. A friend of mine who’s due a few weeks before me just had her ultrasound and discovered she’s having twins (she already has a two-year-old…God help her). My ultrasound is two weeks away and I’m counting on not getting news like that. Yikes.