What’s New

It’s a new year, but there’s not much else new around here. Everyone survived Christmas, more or less, and New Year’s was pretty quiet. I’m now looking forward to our Edmonton getaway, but that’s still a little ways off.

We’ve been trying to explain to Justin about the new baby, but we’re not sure how much he really understands. He gets excited when you tell him he’s going to be a big brother, but he gets equally excited when the street light in front of our house comes on, so who knows. In the last couple days we’ve started asking him where the baby is, and he very gently puts his hand on my belly, so maybe he knows more than we think.

The weather’s been pretty mild (which is good, as I can no longer zip up my coat if I plan to sit down), but I’m still sick of the snow and the ice and the inconvenience of having to get out boots and gloves and hats and things whenever we leave the house. Bring on spring!