A Weighty Concern

Officially, I’m recovered from my c-section, but I still have a sizeable paunch and that’s kind of depressing. I could live with not being a size four again, but I have no desire to look three or four months pregnant anymore. A couple weeks ago I swallowed my pride and bought some maternity shorts to get me through the summer — they’re a little big, but they’re super comfy and little else fits. Sigh. I only have five pounds to go to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight (of course, it’s seven pounds to get back to what I weighed before Justin, and a whopping 15 pounds to get back to where I was when I got married, but let’s go with the five for now) but it seems all of those pounds are concentrated right out front. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see any new pictures of me for a while.

On a very positive note, Brayden is moving ever closer to sleeping through the night. Justin started sleeping through the night at eight weeks old, and we’re crossing our fingers that Brayden will do the same (he’s six and a half weeks right now). Last night he slept 12 hours and only woke up once, so that’s promising. Thank God both of my boys like to sleep!