So Much for Lazy Days

After months of not much going on, suddenly everything is happening at once. My brother Dave is in town, some friends from Calgary are stopping by today, my cousin’s family from Edmonton arrives tonight and my friend from Texas shows up next week. So things have been busy, but in a good way. Dave and I golfed every day this week, which is awesome. Consequently, Chris has been doing a lot of the child care, and it’s kind of neat to have the role reversal — now he realizes how you can be busy and yet bored at the same time.

Chris and I have our five-year wedding anniversary today. We don’t usually do much in the way of a celebration (we basically just go out for dinner), but this year we came home after dinner and played games with Dave and Greg, who were babysitting. It was a nice evening.

Brayden is starting to roll over, so we’re approaching the end of the easy baby stage. Even now when I put him down, he manages to push himself around the floor with his feet, so he doesn’t really stay put. I get the feeling he’s going to be mobile sooner than Justin was — yikes.

We finally persuaded Justin to get his hair cut yesterday. He’s usually pretty good for haircuts but he balked when Chris took him a few days ago, so we tried again yesterday. It took the efforts of three adults, but at least it got done. Lately he’s been throwing fits about some things he used to enjoy (swimming lessons, for instance…he loves playing in the water, but he screams when it’s time for lessons) but maybe that’s just par for the course with a kid who’s almost two and a half.

Five weeks from today I’m off to Toronto! I’m taking off for a weekend to meet up with some of my college friends, so I’m pretty excited about that. I wish Chris could come with me, but Justin would never stand for both of his parents going away for more than a couple days (he was fine with us leaving when he was a baby, but he sure misses us if we’re not around now), so I’m going solo. I’m using points for both the flight and the hotel, so it’ll be ultra cheap, which always helps. Can’t wait!