Size Matters

Jogging on the treadmill six days a week is finally starting to pay off: I can now fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes! (They’re tighter than they should be, but at least I can zip them up.) I actually reached this milestone a couple weeks ago and celebrated by packing away all my maternity wear. For reasons passing understanding, I haven’t actually lost any weight since I started jogging three months ago, but the tummy has shrunk considerably, so that’s OK. I still have plenty of lifeless skin, and after two c-sections I’m fairly sure the muscle tone won’t ever come back. But hey, I’ve got two adorable little boys to show for it, so I can live with that.

I keep hoping to get Justin started on potty training, mainly because I’d like to be able to put him in preschool next year. But he has absolutely no interest in the process yet, and his timetable is the only one that counts, so I guess we wait. I’m also trying to teach him how to drink from a real cup (as opposed to a sippy cup) but he hasn’t been real receptive to that either. Sometimes it feels like he’s going to be a toddler forever. Sigh.

Brayden can sit without support for brief periods now and he’s getting so big that it won’t be long before we have to get a new car seat. We can’t figure out if his eyes are going to stay blue like mine or turn brown like Chris’s; his hair looks like it’ll be blond, but that could change too. Justin, of course, is blond and blue-eyed, and Chris is really hoping that at least one kid inherits his supposedly-dominant brown eyes and hair, but we’ll see.

Both boys are napping, which makes this my favorite time of day. Maybe I’ll curl up with a book…