The Wonders of Winter

The snow is here and I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, it’s much prettier when everything is white than when it just looks dreary and grey. On the other hand, it’s doubling the time it takes to get the kids packed up and out the door.

I’m sure every mom has a story like this: when we went to Justin’s play group the other day, I had to get both kids into their winter coats, boots, gloves and hats. Then I had to pack shoes for me and Justin (there’s no carpet at the rec centre and I didn’t want him slipping on the floor) as well as a snack. Then I needed the stroller and a separate bag packed for Brayden cause I leave him with the babysitting service. Once we got there, I had to get both kids OUT of their coats, hats, boots and gloves, and since Justin’s play group changes rooms halfway through, I had to haul all that crap down the hall and into a new room. I don’t need to pump iron; I’m a mom.

I thought I’d be a good mom this morning and let the kids play in the snow in the backyard. So I got Justin all dressed in his snowsuit, and I got Brayden into his coat…and then realized Brayden had wet his pants. I couldn’t leave Justin in the backyard unsupervised, so he had to sit by the door (remarkably, he did exactly that — but he probably couldn’t move too well in all that stuff anyway) while I took Brayden upstairs. That of course involved stripping him down, changing his diaper and his clothes, and then bundling him all up again. By the time we made it outside we had about 15 minutes to play before it was time to come back inside and get all that stuff off so I could go feed Brayden and start lunch. You might say it’s hardly worth it, but since the alternative is being cooped up in this house all day every day, it is DEFINITELY worth it.