Forever On the Move

Yay me: I’ve officially lost all my baby weight! I’d like to think it’s because I’ve been jogging almost every day, but it could just as easily be from chasing two children, one of whom is just mobile enough to be a problem. However it happened, I feel good, I’m fitting into my old clothes — and I have to celebrate this now before I get into the Christmas munchies.

Brayden is starting to pull up, so nothing is safe anymore. We were cruising along for a while there cause Justin plays pretty well on his own and Brayden was happy to crawl around and explore, so I could usually find a few minutes to fold the laundry or unload the dishwasher without worrying too much (although I’d still have to keep watch so I could pull Brayden away from danger areas). But now Brayden’s at the stage where the only way for him to practise the skills he needs to learn (standing, pulling up) is with someone right there at his side helping him. This is when the really exhausting stuff starts. Let’s hope he’s an early walker!