Winter: Will It Ever End?

Of course I know spring will eventually come, and to be honest we’ve actually had a few days of fairly warm weather lately, but I’m getting mighty sick of the snow and the clouds and the constant dreary greyness that is winter in the Okanagan. My cabin fever isn’t as bad this year as it has been in the past (for two of the last three Februarys I was heavily pregnant) but I’m still longing for the time when we don’t need coats and boots and gloves and so on every time we leave the house. Sigh.

My winter blahs were not helped recently when both boys came down with some sort of stomach bug. Justin bounced back after a day or two, but it took Brayden a week to get his appetite back (miraculously, he never fussed or cried or even looked uncomfortable, even when he threw up — kids are weird). But everyone seems to be healthy now, just in time for the free swim at the rec centre tonight, so that’s good. For a while there I thought I was coming down with something too, and it made me realize that as much as you worry about your kids when they’re sick, life is actually a lot harder when you’re sick and they’re not. But that’s all behind us now.

We’re looking forward to (yet another) visit from my parents this week. We actually just had a round of company: my grandma and my aunt were here for a few days to play with the boys right before they got sick. Justin seems to have forgotten that he was ever shy and now befriends anyone who’s willing to throw a ball around with him. Brayden doesn’t seem to care who’s around so long as they don’t get in the way of his crawling and climbing and exploring…that boy is trouble. But he’s forever smiling and happy, so that sometimes makes up for the fact that you have to pull him away from danger every 15 seconds. He just started making “da da da da” sounds — too cute.

So how long until spring?