Making Memories

When my first child was born I of course wanted to document everything about his life, so I made a scrapbook celebrating the wonder that was Justin. I even made similar scrapbooks for both sets of grandparents so they could share in the joy. I also started this blog as a way of sharing all my baby details with the wider world.

So when Brayden came along, I swore to myself that he would get equal billing. Justin’s baby scrapbook covered his first year, so I was determined to do the same for Brayden — and lo and behold, I finished his scrapbook a few days ago. The two books are even the same length, so you can’t even say I cut corners with the second child. It was harder to get inspired and much, much harder to find the time, but both of my sons now have scrapbooks for the first year of their lives. I asked Chris if he thought the boys would appreciate these books someday, thinking I’d get the standard “oh I’m sure they’ll love them” comment. Instead, he thought for a second and said: “Well, their wives or girlfriends might.” Sigh.