Life is Good

Everything feels good to me today. It’s Friday, the weather is pleasantly warm but not stupid hot, both of my kids slept past 6 a.m. this morning and I have an actual date with my husband tomorrow night. Yay!

Brayden is 15 months old today…wow. He’s out of the high chair now and instead sits in a booster seat at the table, which brings some new challenges, but it’s good to see him growing up. He now goes to sleep without too much help from us, which is AWESOME, and we haven’t had to get up at night with him for about two months (knock on wood). He can climb up on chairs, sofas and coffee tables now, so he can’t be left alone for a second. We have a large footstool on wheels that Brayden likes to push around, and the other day I noticed he was pushing it even with his brother sitting on it. Like I said, the kid is a tank. Justin sometimes plays a bit rough with Brayden and he will definitely pay for that someday — Brayden’s going to be able to kick all our asses.

Justin is still a big-time bookworm and will recite his favorite stories at random points during the day. I don’t know why he bothers bringing me the books to read when we could both just close our eyes and tell the stories anyway. Brayden completely ignores us while we’re reading and stays busy playing with trucks and balls. It’s odd: Brayden spends a lot of time pawing through books and looking at the pictures, but heaven help you if you try to sit him in your lap and read. He wants no part of that, unless it’s bedtime. To each his own, I guess.