Happy Holidays

Christmas managed to stay merry despite the fact that my house was once again struck by the plague. Mom and Dad showed up suffering from head colds, which they passed on to me and Dave. Then Christmas morning Brayden woke up with stomach flu, which he eventually shared with almost everyone. Fun times in the Lee household! Miraculously, Justin and Chris escaped unscathed (although Chris hasn’t actually eaten anything today…)

Seriously, though, the kids seemed to have a blast. Justin really seemed to get the idea of Christmas this year, and he was so sweet, wishing everyone a merry Christmas and telling Grandma “I’m having a wonderful Christmas — thank you!” Brayden ran around and giggled even though he occasionally stopped to puke, so even he had a pretty good day considering.

This is a holiday week. Yay. That means the library is closed, play school is closed, play groups are cancelled…in short, we’re bored. Chris is off, which helps because I don’t know how I would keep the boys entertained all by myself. On the up side, while there is still a ton of snow out there (I spent an hour this morning clearing the snow the plow dumped at the end of our driveway), at least temperatures are getting back to normal. So how long until spring?