The Daily Grind

I often wish I had more witty or insightful things to say on this blog, but fatigue and lack of time have a way of messing with my concentration. So I’ll stick to the basics.

Justin has now given up his nap (hey, he’s almost four and a half…it had to happen sometime) but seems to be making up for it by sleeping a tiny bit later in the morning. Actually, I don’t really know what time he gets up in the morning, cause he now reads his books or colors in his room until he hears us get up. We still go through the motions of putting him down for a nap, but we tell him he can stay in his room and just color or read and BE QUIET until we say he can come out. So even though he doesn’t nap, I can still slip downstairs and jog on the treadmill for a few minutes. Yay!

Brayden had a tough weekend: he threw up Friday night, was feverish for three days and seemed to re-injure his right leg, causing him to limp (that leg has been a problem on and off for months now…he goes for X-rays on Friday). But the spring is back in his step and he seems to be feeling like himself again. He even slept well last night, which was a major relief after three nights of being awake for hours. So we’re all friends again.

Which is important, cause Chris is once again out of town for a few days. This time around it hasn’t been too bad, since we’re busy during the day and Uncle Greg’s been helping me with bedtimes. But I’ll be happy to hand over the night shift when Chris gets home tonight.