Florida Fun

We had lots of fun in Orlando, although I must admit that was just too far to go for just a long weekend (after 12 hours of travelling and a three-hour time change, you really should be able to relax for more than three days). Nevertheless, the point was to see the space center (very cool), get away from the kids (very, VERY cool) and enjoy the sun. Which we did, although the stifling humidity was a bit tough to take. It was great in one way, though: I have extremely dry skin, to the point where my hands actually crack and bleed in our dry winters, and they were noticeably softer while we were down south. That ended within an hour of leaving Florida, but it was nice while it lasted.

The kids apparently didn’t miss us all that much, but they were quite happy to see us when we got back, so that’s cool. Brayden, who never stays still for more than 0.2 seconds, actually crawled into bed with me and cuddled for 10 minutes without moving a muscle. Now that’s a nice welcome.

Our babysitters (Grandma and Grandpa Kingwell) even seemed to get enough rest, which is good, cause they’ll be doing this again when we go on our Mediterranean cruise next spring. We’ll be gone almost two weeks for that one. We haven’t had a vacation that long in over six years, so I’m super excited (also a bit nervous about leaving the boys for that many days, but I’m sure I’ll get over that). Plus my lobbying efforts have paid off and both of my brothers and their significant others are booked on the same cruise, so that’s really cool. Six months to go…