The Festive Spirit

I’ve finished my Christmas shopping (yes, I’m an earlybird), our outside lights are up although not turned on, and Justin is unbelievably excited about Santa coming, so we’re really getting into the “ho ho ho” thing around here. Too bad the big day is still more than five weeks away. Justin does not have the slightest interest in Halloween but cannot wait for Christmas, and I’m on board with that — it’s my favorite holiday too. This year will be a little different because for the first time ever, my family won’t be with us for Christmas morning. They’re still coming to visit — never fear — but it’ll be for New Year’s this time. At first I was kind of bummed about letting go of an old tradition, but now I’m actually looking forward to having a nice quiet celebration. As an added bonus, we’ll be going to Chris’s parents’ place for dinner, so I get out of turkey duty for the first time in years. Awesome.

Other than that, the daily grind goes on as usual. Brayden is trying so hard to say more words, but aside from “mommy” and “daddy”, none of them are recognizable to anyone but us. “Tank” continues to be an excellent nickname for him, as he is forever running around and pushing his way through things. I caught him doing chin-ups on a water pipe at the library a couple weeks ago — this kid is seriously strong. If only we could teach him to be gentle…

Justin has always been a chatterbox, but lately he’s gotten to the stage of asking a million questions, and it drives me insane much of the time. It doesn’t matter what answer you give him, he’ll have another question ready to go. There’s no way his preschool teacher gets paid enough. She must have the patience of a saint. A few weeks ago I was having lunch with the boys when Justin looked at me and said, “You look terrible, Mom.” He paused, then added, “Are you sick of us?” At least he makes me laugh.