A Very Merry Christmas

I have never had a Christmas quite this stress-free before. To begin with, everyone was healthy, which is a big plus. With no family staying with us, we could actually just relax and focus on the kids (and THEY could just relax and play with their new toys). In past years we’ve been preoccupied with entertaining a crowd, opening a bunch of gifts and of course preparing vast amounts of food. This year we went to the grandparents’ place for the big Christmas dinner, so the extent of my cooking involved making grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Ho ho ho!

Not that I’m dissing the relatives. As Christmas got closer I was sort of wishing the crowd was here the way they always have been before, but they’ll be here in a couple days and I’m sure we’ll have a good visit. It might even be more fun than in the past cause all the pressure of Christmas is over. Justin is really looking forward to Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Dave coming, but a big part of that is because we’ve promised to take him back to the waterslides while they’re here. It’s gonna be a good time.