Going Underground

Location: Valencia, Spain

I could’ve sworn it was 32 degrees in Valencia every time I checked before leaving home, but unfortunately it was eight degrees and raining when we actually got here. No matter, though: the tour we took didn’t really depend on the weather. We had a brief city tour of this, Spain’s third largest city. The first half hour was so boring that Chris was literally falling asleep on the bus, but then we came to the historic centre of the city, which was stunning. We saw the bullring; the town hall; the Silk Exchange building and the cathedral that contains what some experts believe is the original Holy Grail. Pretty cool stuff.

Then it was off to the San Jose Caves, where we boarded a small boat and floated through an underground river. The caves are 15,000 years old and had some amazing rock formations; in many places the roof of the cave was so low that everyone in the boat had to duck to fit through. It was awesome, and probably would’ve been even better if there had been a guide or a sign or anything to tell us about what we were seeing. The guy driving the boat would occasionally warn us to watch our heads (in Spanish — Tanya was able to translate) but otherwise didn’t say a word. I guess I’ll have to look up some more info online when we get home.

Tomorrow we’re off to Palma de Mallorca — here’s hoping the sun comes out!