Fun in the Sun

I could get used to this summer camp routine. I drop the boys off at 9 a.m. and then have four straight hours all to myself. Up to this point I’ve been using the time to run errands/clean the house/cut the grass/do the laundry, so I’m not any less tired at the end of the day, but a least I’m getting some stuff done. Things should slow down a bit this week, though, so maybe I’ll get a chance to relax. It looks like I’ll get to golf at least once this week, so that’s a big plus. I didn’t sign them up for camp next week, so I’m trying to enjoy the free time while I can.

The weekend was pretty busy too, but in a good way. We took the boys out to a waterslide park near Vernon yesterday (Dave met us there, which was cool) and everyone had a blast. I didn’t think there’d be much for Brayden to do besides the kiddie pool, but it turned out he could go on any of the slides so long as a parent went with him, so we all had a ton of fun. It was a good day to go, too — it was something like 35 degrees and sunny, so it was great to splash around. It was also great that both kids slept on the drive home. Ah, summer.