Farewell Summer

Two months ago, I remember wondering what I was possibly going to do with myself during the weeks when the boys were in their summer camp. I actually contemplated doing some volunteer work or something to help fill the time. Yet here we are on the last day of August, and I didn’t really have a single day of boredom. I’m starting to understand what my dad meant when he said he’s never been so busy as since he retired. For me, this summer was about home improvements: I did some landscaping in the garden, painted the fence, persuaded Chris to replace the deck steps, reorganized the family room and overhauled the office (new paint, new light fixture, new cork board…nice). I also cleared out a bunch of our junk and am planning to get rid of it via garage sale in a couple weeks. I like being busy.

And busy we certainly will be for the next while. My parents are coming for a visit next week just as Justin starts his three-times-a-week autism program. The week after that, Justin starts kindergarten and Brayden starts preschool. Then our Saturdays start getting busy as Brayden gets into soccer again and Justin starts gymnastics (it’s a program specifically for kids with autism spectrum disorders, so I’m interested to see how that goes). It’s hard to know at this point how crazy this will all feel, but I suspect Sunday will become everyone’s favorite day of the week.

It was so stupid hot around here for so long that the sudden drop in temperature over the last few days is actually somewhat welcome (although I could do without the rain today). I guess summer really is coming to a close. I’ve always loved the fall — bring it on!