Good Tidings

I’ve been feeling pretty blessed lately because everything seems to be falling into place: Justin is finally toilet trained (nothing like waiting until two weeks before kindergarten…ack!) and has adjusted beautifully to both school and his autism program; we’ve also started giving him an allowance, so it’s neat to see him learning to handle money (so far his wants are pretty cheap: he buys $1 songs from iTunes). Brayden seems to love preschool and is getting very close on the potty thing. I feel like I’ve conquered my demons.

None of this means I’m any less busy, however. The calendar on the fridge seems to be full of doctors’ appointments, play dates and soccer practices, so I’m constantly on the go. But it does feel good to see my boys growing up. I look forward to the day when they have more homework than I do, but that might be a ways off.

Life is good!