Big Boy Brayden

It seems like the focus is always on Justin these days, so I feel the need to balance things out by giving an update on Brayden. Not only is he doing better at preschool (he’s not blindly copying the other kids anymore, he makes real contributions at circle time and he actually sits still when he’s supposed to — that teacher is a miracle worker), but he’s now using the computer independently and learning lots from the same program that taught Justin about phonics. He points out letters everywhere and constantly informs me that B is for Brayden, M is for Mommy, J is for Justin…you get the idea.

The biggest news is that Brayden’s now out of diapers and doing great. His potty training was kind of stalled, and various people have suggested I just put him in underwear and see what happens, but I was mighty reluctant to go that route after the year and a half of accidents we went through with Justin. But Brayden just seems to get it, so all’s well on that front.

We took the kids to a Peter Pan stage show at the community theatre on Sunday, and it went pretty well. I bought the tickets last week even though the kids knew nothing of the story, so then I was scrambling to find a book or a movie or anything that would introduce them to the characters before we went to the show. I lucked out and got the Disney movie from the library on Thursday, so after watching it a few times they knew enough to be able to follow the stage show. We only have the movie for a week, but we already burned it for their iPods, so at least we won’t lose it completely.

We also got our tree up this weekend — bring on Christmas!