The Christmas Crazies

I had a few more “bah humbug” moments than usual this year, but it still turned out to be a decent Christmas. The lead-up to it was the best part: the boys have been so into all the different Christmas stories, and they were crazy excited on Christmas Eve (Brayden wanted to go to bed at 7 a.m. to make the big day come faster). They kept checking Santa’s progress via NORAD online, which they thought was pretty cool, and the whole day just seemed to be full of magic. Awesome.

Christmas Day itself was all right. There weren’t really any “wow” gifts, but Justin seems intrigued by his sentence building dominoes and Brayden of course loves his new trucks. I was going a little loopy from being housebound with not much to do besides referee the boys, but they went to Grandpa’s house for a few hours this morning, so harmony has been restored.

My family arrives in a couple days to do Christmas: The Sequel, so that should be fun. Ho ho ho…