Family Adventure

We just completed another highly successful trip to West Edmonton Mall. It was especially nice having the whole family there, although I could not believe the effort it took to coordinate 11 people’s dinner plans. The definite highlight for the boys was the wave pool — Justin even got to the point where he could play in the waves without holding on to anyone, so that was good to see. Brayden LOVED jumping the waves but got so worn out that he actually coughed hard enough to make himself puke (we took him back to the clinic today and got him some antibiotics, so hopefully this God-awful cough he’s had for a month will clear up soon). Last night we left the boys with Grandma and Grandpa while the rest of us (including Serenity, who absolutely cannot be without her mommy these days) went for dinner, so at least I got one kid-free evening.

Home sweet home!