Not Much News

How is it possible that there’s only a month left of school?!? I always dread the end of routine, but the summer is shaping up to be pretty busy (summer camps, my brother’s wedding, my course in Vancouver) so I’m not going to complain too much ahead of time. The boys are independent enough now that they don’t require supervision every second of the day, but I often have to referee, so life is a lot easier when at least one of them is out of the house. We’ll see how things go.

Chris promised me a day to myself to make up for leaving town over Mother’s Day, so last weekend I had a day out with the girls: nine holes of golf followed by a nice lunch and a chick flick in the afternoon. At least two members of the group were only golfing to make me happy, but I think everyone ended up having a pretty good time. The next day Chris and I took the boys mini golfing and then out for dinner, both of which went great, so I have to say it was a kick-ass long weekend.

Someone’s calling for mom (sigh)…