Uber Organized or Anal Retentive?

Sometimes I dazzle myself with my efficiency. I’ve already figured out the kids’ Christmas presents, I nagged Chris enough that he got the winter tires put on the vehicles and I finished the next assignment for my tech writing course a week ahead of the due date. God, I’m good.

Speaking of my course…I’m flying a little high right now because my work group rocked on the last assignment that’s worth a quarter of our grade — yay! I can’t really take the credit, as one of the girls in my group did most of the work, but I share the grade and I even learned a little something, so hey.

Justin is doing great at school and seems to have no social issues there, but he does need to work on the etiquette of play dates. One of his buddies came over this afternoon and Justin kept wanting to do things like play on the computer or write in his room, and all my explanations for why he couldn’t do those things and why he needed to be a good host seemed to fall on deaf ears. This was a spur-of-the-moment play date, so maybe he would’ve been better if he had more prep time. I dunno. I’m volunteering in his class on Monday so I guess I’ll get a chance to see how things work there. Huh.