Things That Go Bark in the Night

We’re all a little weary today after Brayden had another scary case of croup last night. He was having trouble breathing around 2 a.m., so we rushed him outside to the cold air — that helped a little, but he was still wheezing and he still had that awful barking cough, so Chris took him down to the hospital. They gave him an oral steroid and he’s been just fine ever since (he got home at 4:30 a.m. and was so excited to show me his hospital wristband — apparently he thought it was a pretty cool adventure). He slept in our bed for the rest of the night so we could keep an eye on him. Whew.

We’ve had snow for three days and I’m already sick of it, which is probably a bad sign considering we’re off to Saskatoon in just a few weeks. My Christmas shopping is done — yay me! (It helps when you don’t buy for many people — the whole family has agreed to just focus on the kids this year.) We don’t actually have to change planes on the way there, so it’ll be nice not to have to worry about missed connections for once. We’ll see how things go.