The Traditional Christmas Letter

It’s been a busy year (aren’t they all?), but there were no major crises, and I’m pleased to report that everyone in the Lee household is healthy and happy. Here’s the latest scoop on each of us:

Justin is still enjoying grade one and is keeping busy with swimming lessons and his all-sport class. Throw in play dates, OT sessions and time with his behavior interventionist, and he’s one busy boy. He continues to amaze us academically and he’s had very few social issues, so we’re happy about that. Several parents have commented that if I hadn’t told them about his Asperger’s, they would never have guessed, which is really good to hear.

I’m about to sign Brayden up for kindergarten for next fall — my baby’s growing up! He’s also in swimming lessons (getting oh-so-close to actually putting his face in the water) and will be starting gymnastics in January, so hopefully that will help burn off some of his endless energy. He still moves like a flea on speed but so far has only required one trip to the ER for stitches, so knock on wood.

Chris is busy at work, but in a good way. He still finds time to shuttle the boys around to some of their activities and his schedule is flexible enough that he can cover things at home when I have appointments or whatever, so it’s all good. He really enjoyed the boys-only trip to Seattle this year for Dave’s stag, but so far hasn’t made any more plans to ditch me and the kids (at least none that I know of…)

My technical communication course is about to end but the next one begins in March, so it’s nice to have something to look forward to. And of course we have something else to look forward to: Chris and I are off on our next cruise in June, this one to northern Europe and Scandinavia, so we’re super excited about that.

Happy holidays everybody!