Coming Back to Life

Well, that’s certainly one way to lose the holiday weight. Shortly after my last entry I caught the same virus that plagued the kids, which wiped me out for a few days (Chris caught a slightly milder version of it too, but we’re all feeling better now). I’m pretty sure I gained a couple pounds over Christmas, but I lost that and more from stomach flu. It’s not a dieting technique I’d recommend.

So now that we’re all recovering, we’re trying to get back to a normal routine, which means getting the kids to understand they can’t have TV/video games/computer all the time. I think there was one day last week when Brayden was camped out on the couch that we watched something like six straight hours of Treehouse. ‘Twas the good life, but alas, it’s back to reality.

I’m turning 35 in a couple weeks, but celebrations will be pretty low-key for a couple of reasons: we’re trying to save money for our big trip in June, and I’m about to have dental surgery that will leave me with a sore mouth for quite a while. Isn’t January fun? (Sigh.)


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