Wild Times

This is day 10 of not being able to eat properly. I get my stitches out on Monday and as far as I’m concerned that moment can’t come soon enough — the stitches seem to be coming out anyway, and there’s a piece behind my teeth that I can play with using my tongue, and the whole thing is driving me crazy. Argh.

The boys had a couple friends over today for a play date, and it was a bit of a wild time. Justin got up at 5 a.m. and hardly touched his lunch, so he was going loopy from fatigue and hunger, and doing all the things we’ve been working on not doing: being bossy with his friends, asking the same question over and over, not engaging with the group and wanting to play computer/do his homework/listen to his iPod (basically anything to be by himself)…sigh. He perked up a bit after a snack, but it was far from his best performance. Oh, well.

The big news this week was that I signed Brayden up for kindergarten. He was so excited about it that he shared the news with his preschool teacher — and with his best friend, who’s a year younger and still has another year of preschool. The friend burst into tears. It’s really unfortunate that those two will never be in the same class again. But such is life.

We have dinner with our Asperger parent group tomorrow (we’ll see if I can actually eat anything on the menu), we’re planning to take the kids to the science centre in Vernon on Saturday, and Saturday night is autism moms at a friend’s house. It should be a good weekend.

Happy Groundhog Day!

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