A Weekend of Wii (and Some Other Stuff)

We hit the road last weekend for a quick trip to Kamloops. En route we stopped at the Vernon science centre, which had a special exhibit from the Canadian Space Agency — I thought I might expire of boredom, but everyone else had fun. When we made it to Kamloops, we had drinks with Dave (Tanya was napping) and then took the kids sledding on a huge hill at a nearby school. That same school also had a funky playground with a teeter-totter that strongly resembled one of those railroad cars that two guys would pump by hand. Dave and Chris got on there and I almost passed out from laughing too hard. Awesome.

Then it was back to Dave’s to play for a bit (Brayden played with his Angry Birds stuffies and the cardboard ship from his pirate pak lunch at White Spot; Justin played actual Angry Birds on Tanya’s computer). Supper was hamburgers, which everyone enjoyed (even if I had to cut mine up into small pieces…argh), and then they played Wii until bedtime. The boys even had a bath together — they were stoked about the chance to splash, since our tub at home has no shower curtain/door and this one did. Once they were tucked in for the night Chris and I had a chance to drink and play games with other adults, so that was awesome.  (The boys went to sleep pretty well but were awake for a while in the night…c’est la vie, I guess.)

After a good breakfast the next morning, we played more Wii, went mini golfing, played some arcade games and mooched some lunch off of Dave at Denny’s. Then we went back to the house for a couple more hours of Wii before heading home. An awesome weekend.

I’m on day 30 of not being able to bite anything, and with 26 more days to go (not that I’m counting). It’s exactly as annoying as it sounds. Even the friend who referred me to this dentist (and who also had a gum graft, although not as extensive as mine) is surprised that it’s taking this long. Two straight months of having to mince all my food — this better be worth it.