A Little Slice of Sweden

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Get this: today I not only managed to follow a map (Chris said, and I quote, “Excellent job navigating”, which has certainly never been said about me before), but I also demonstrated that I can eat twice as much as my husband. At the breakfast buffet this morning, I had three pieces of toast, some scrambled eggs, half a dozen Swedish meatballs (yum!), an orange, a bowl of yogurt and two glasses of milk. That kept me full for about four hours. Huh.

After breakfast (and a short nap to get over jet lag), we were off to the Vasa Museum, which houses a Swedish naval ship that sank in the harbor 20 minutes into its maiden voyage in 1628. The accident was due to faulty design (too top-heavy) plus some human error (water poured in through the gun ports someone forgot to close…nice). Special conditions in the Baltic Sea kept the ship almost perfectly preserved for the 333 years before it was dredged up. Pretty cool.

Next up was the thing I enjoy most anywhere I travel: the royal palace. We walked through the state rooms and the royal apartments, then had a very interesting tour of the palace treasury, which included all the crowns, scepters, and coronation robes of Swedish kings past and present. The current king is just a figurehead whose only real function is to smile for the cameras (he has even less power than the queen of England), but it was still neat to get an inside look at his official residence. I love that kind of thing.

Tomorrow we board our ship. Stay tuned…