Fun Times in Finland

Location: Helsinki, Finland

We’re a bit of an oddity on this ship. For one thing, all the other passengers are old enough to be our parents (the first thing our cabin attendant said to me, in her heavy Polish accent, was, “I think you are youngest person on ship, yes?”) Plus, unlike some people we’ve seen, we aren’t used to being waited on hand and foot. In the dining room last night, six different people were involved in getting our meal: one to decide which table we’d be at, one to actually lead us to that table, one to pour our water, one to look at us with disdain when we said we didn’t want wine, one to take our order and another to actually bring the food. Naturally we’ll be tipping all these people at the end of the cruise. Wow.

Nevertheless, we’re having a great time. Our tour today covered the main sights of Helsinki (i.e. churches), and then we drove out to a small town called Porvoo. It’s the second oldest town in Finland, founded in 1364, and it has a well preserved old town with colorful buildings and a quaint wooden bridge. The whole experience was made immeasurably better by the gorgeous sunny weather and our awesome guide, who was a fountain of information on all things Finnish. A great day.

Tomorrow is the first day of our three-day stint in St. Petersburg. Adventure awaits…