Killing Time

Location: Somewhere in the Baltic Sea

Since we’re stuck on the ship all day (argh), I thought I’d do a post of some memorable moments from this cruise that haven’t been mentioned yet:

– In the dining room one night, the sommelier asked if she could bring us some wine or any other drinks — and Chris asked for a ginger ale. I wonder how many years of training she had to go through to pop open a can for him.

– Our Russian guide had a minor heart attack when Chris casually leaned on a priceless statue in the Hermitage. I actually heard her struggling to get air. Wow.

– Driving through the streets of St. Petersburg, I saw a billboard advertising an upcoming Nickelback concert. Go figure.

– A woman on the ship asked if we were newlyweds (nope…married 10 years), then blurted out that I looked like a kid. I was tempted to tell her she looked like an old hag, but I didn’t. (Chris had a similar experience: some guy assumed he was one of the performers from the lounge. Not that we stand out on this ship.)

And what have we done today? We had breakfast at the buffet, played Scrabble in the games room, went our separate ways for a while (I hit the treadmill, he had a massage), had lunch on the pool deck (wearing a fleece…it’s mighty chilly out there), watched a movie in the room…ho hum. Tonight we have reservations at the swanky Italian restaurant on board, and that will probably be our whole evening.

Next up: Poland…