Going Dutch

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Maybe it’s vacation fatigue, or maybe it’s because I’ve been to Amsterdam before, but I really had to make an effort to be interested in what we saw today. On our canal boat tour, we heard about the 16th- and 17th-century buildings we were going by, and I couldn’t even bring myself to straighten up to snap a picture. I was just too tired, and the seats were just too comfy, and all I wanted to do was relax and let the world go by.

Of course, I might have more energy if I could get a good night’s sleep. It turns out Chris has a throat infection (he saw the ship’s doctor this morning), which explains the God-awful snoring that’s been driving me crazy this week. He’s on antibiotics now, so things should get better soon. Let’s hope.

The ship is having a special pow-wow tonight for all the Canadian passengers (happy Canada Day!), so we’ll probably check that out, and then we have reservations at the fancy steakhouse on board, and then there’s a Broadway-type show in the lounge that I’d like to see if I can stay awake that long. Wish me luck.

And now on to our last stop: Belgium…