Home Sweet Home

It was an impossibly long trip back (we were travelling for 25 straight hours, thanks to a three-hour delay in Vancouver) but we made it, and we’re happy to be home. We’ll be even happier once we beat this @#! jet lag. I don’t know how flight attendants do it — the time warp must take years off their lives.

By all accounts, the boys did great while we were away. They followed along with a map on the fridge as we went from place to place, and they even made flags for each country we were in. They also put up Welcome Home banners, but thanks to the delay at YVR they were asleep before we got home. They were pretty happy to see us the next morning, even before they knew we brought them gifts (a Viking helmet and shield from Denmark and a captain’s hat from Germany, which they love), so that was heartwarming.

Grandma and Grandpa left yesterday, Chris is back to work today and things are getting back to normal (or as normal as they can be considering there’s no school). Justin’s off to camp in a couple weeks, so I’m starting to get his stuff organized for that — I still can’t believe we’re just going to drop him off with strangers for six days. Unreal. Brayden will be doing a preschool camp that week too, so I’m looking forward to some quiet time to myself.

Bring on summer!