Soaking Up the Sun

August has been a nice blend of busy and down time. Justin did a couple of science camps that he really seemed to enjoy: he came home from the last one explaining the difference between endothermic and exothermic reactions. (Methinks Grade 2 might be a bit of a letdown, but we’ll see.) Brayden also did a couple of play-in-the-park camps with his preschool teacher — and so ends our time with Miss Melissa, who has done so much for my kids over the last three years. We’ll miss her.

When they weren’t in camps, the kids and I have been hanging at the beach, going to the odd movie, chilling at the local waterparks and enjoying some play dates. IĀ started my technical communication program a couple weeks ago too, so I’ve been working on assignments in my off hours. It’s a bit tougher to fit that in when the kids are here all the time (which they will be for the next couple weeks…ugh) but it’s working out all right. I’ll be doing eight courses over the next 14 months, so it better work out all right.

T minus 16 days…the school year approaches…



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