Back to School

A new era has begun: today was Brayden’s first day of full-day kindergarten. I finally have both boys going to the same school for the same number of hours! Brayden did great — the kid seems to be made for kindergarten. And he’s totally stoked about going to the same school as his brother.

I hardly knew what to do with myself today…until the school called at 2:00 to say that Justin was in the office with a head wound (in their words: “It’s not bleeding profusely, but you might want to come down and take a look.”) He fell during recess and got a small scratch on his head, but he’s fine. The irony is that we didn’t have time to go home cause I had to pick Brayden up at 2:30 — so instead of sitting in class, Justin played on the playground for 20 minutes. Nice.