Dazed and Confused

I always assumed Justin would be my scatterbrained child, what with all his Asperger-related organizational difficulties, but Brayden is taking “scatterbrained” to a whole new level. Every day when I pick him up from kindergarten, he comes out with his backpack hanging open and a trail of forgotten items behind him. We’re already down a hoody, a water bottle and a lunch bowl, and nothing is getting better. I talked to his teacher a couple days ago and apparently there are two other kids with the same problem, so she’s going to try to help. But even yesterday, Brayden came out without his coat, which we eventually found on the floor near the sink…then on the way out I found one of his inside shoes peeking out from under a table. Sigh.

I’m getting used to being alone for most of the day, but it can still be tough to find ways to be productive. I’m working through my tech comm course, and I seem to do a lot of shopping, and sometimes I get some extra exercise…but I think I need to find more ways to get out of the house. I hate being bored.

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