Bah Humbug

It’s been over a month of vomiting, runny noses, sneezes, coughs, sinus infections, earaches, eye infections…I’m so done. I realize there are far greater tragedies in the world, but could I just ask that my kids finally get healthy? For more than half a day? Pretty please?

Cause I really don’t want to deal with the medical system anymore. Get this:

Brayden complained of an earache yesterday, so I dragged him off to two different walk-in clinics (the first one closed early because of too many patients), where we waited two hours to be told he’s fine, just needs Tylenol (which seems to be true, since his ears are OK now, but after all that? Argh.)

Also last night, I noticed Justin’s eye was oozing a bit, but not too bad — but the school called me this morning and wanted me to have him checked out, so it was back to the clinic. After another two-hour wait, we were told we could get a prescription, but there were over-the-counter drops at the downstairs pharmacy that would be just as good. Then the pharmacist informed me those drops are no longer available. Imagine how impressed I was as we went back to the clinic to get the prescription.

Now the challenge is getting the stuff into his eyes. Have you ever tried giving eye drops to a seven-year-old with anxiety issues? I dimly recall doing this when he was three, and it wasn’t anywhere near this traumatic. Three times a day for a week? Seriously?

Ho ho ho…


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