It’s All About Me

Being born not too long after Christmas has certain disadvantages: we usually spend so much on the holidays that I tell Chris to go cheap for my birthday–which suits him just fine, since he never has any idea what to get me. But a couple years ago we also stopped doing Christmas gifts for each other (we still buy for the kids, of course), so basically I end up getting the raw end of the deal. So this year I say: bring it on!

I dropped a couple subtle hints about what I’d like as a gift, but subtlety is not Chris’s strong suit, so a couple days ago I had to come right out and tell him (if it’s the thought that counts…I dunno.) So anyway, I got three seasons of the West Wing, which is cool, plus some truly adorable cards from Chris and the boys. Then we were off to Silver Star to catch some sun (!) and do some tubing. We managed to get about half a dozen runs in before it got super busy, so that wasn’t too shabby, and then we went for a nice lunch that I didn’t have to cook. Ahhh…

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