While working on an assignment for the latest course in my tech comm program the other day, I realized I was actually learning something. Something useful. It’s an advanced course in MS Word, designed specifically for technical writers, and the word from former students was that it was a pretty tough slog. But I am absolutely loving it. I’m finally getting answers to questions about Word that have bugged me for years, and I’m learning new tricks to actually make my life easier (field codes baby!) Where was this info back in October, when I was drowning in the design class? What’s the point in studying design if you don’t know how to make the software realize your vision? Now I have the tools, and a brand new sense of confidence.

Which might be tested in the next few weeks. The university actually sent a note warning that the next course (Fundamentals of Creating Online Documents) is the most intense of the entire certificate, and that we should clear our schedules as much as possible to make time. I’m six courses in and I’ve never had a warning before, so that’s kind of intimidating. But right now I feel like I can handle anything.

Game on!