Testing the Limits

The “official” no-yelling challenge may be over, but there’s still the daily challenge of dealing with life’s frustrations. One of the first things you’re supposed to do on the Orange Rhino program is identify the triggers that make you want to yell. I discovered a few of mine today:

When I have to repeat myself repeatedly. Sometimes it’s my fault for not speaking clearly enough; sometimes they’re just not listening. But either way, having to say the same thing two or three or four times really irks me.

When the kids lose things at school. Three of Justin’s water bottles went astray this week alone. We’ve lost gloves, jackets, lunch bowls, and in one case an entire change of clothes (don’t ask). At one point we were doing a daily trip to the lost and found. Argh.

When the kids make a mess in the bathroom. I live with boys. Enough said.

These things all tested my resolve today, but I did manage to hold it together (clenching your teeth and cursing under your breath don’t count, right?) I think I need the pressure of public scrutiny to keep me on track, though, so I might keep blogging about my progress. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride…

1 thought on “Testing the Limits

  1. Repeating myself drives me nuts too. When I was a nanny, I decided to employ a preschooler tactic against the 4-year-old; instead of getting madder and madder, I just repeated my request in the exact same tone of voice, over and over again, until he shouted, “All RIGHT!!! I’ll do it in a SECOND!!”


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