Destination Disney

Our day at Disneyland was amazing — relaxed, not rushed, not exhausting. We never had to wait more than 15 minutes for a ride, even the super popular ones: Star Tours, Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, etc. Justin got a little scared on the Finding Nemo submarine ride and again on Indiana Jones, but generally he was OK. It turned out Brayden WAS tall enough for Indy (whew) and he totally loved it.

Both boys even got picked for Jedi training, so it was pretty much a perfect day. Justin battled Darth Maul and Brayden took on Darth Vader — very cool. The boys were so into the Star Wars thing that did the Star Tours ride three times, yet neither of them had any interest in meeting Mickey. (I’m never going to get the Star Wars theme music out of my head…but I guess that’s better than It’s a Small World.)

They spent another couple hours at the waterpark this afternoon before we went for dinner. Since neither of them cares about Mickey, we opted to skip the parade toninght and focus on getting a good rest. The wifi at the hotel is so slow and unreliable that posting pictures will have to wait until we get home (sigh).

Cars land tomorrow…

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