A Second Bite of the Big Apple

We started the day with a quintessential New York experience: going up the Empire State Building. Early risers that we are, we were among the first ones there when the doors opened. I was amazed that it only took 60 seconds to go up 86 storeys in the elevator — I know some buildings in Kelowna whose elevators take that long just to get to the third floor. The views were incredible, but we were done after 10 minutes. At least we didn’t spend hours waiting in line for that.

New York may be big and crowded and loud, but it does have some kick-ass museums. We spent four hours at the American Museum of Natural History, and there was lots more we could’ve seen, but our feet just couldn’t take any more. Dinosaur fossils, a planetarium space show, a special exhibit on whales, plus the largest meteorite on display anywhere…”wow” doesn’t begin to cover it. Awesome.

Tomorrow is another museum, a harbor cruise, and a Broadway show — it should be cool!