Good Tidings

Things are going extraordinarily well around here these days (knock on wood). And since I tend to only blog about the annoying stuff, I thought I’d embrace the spirit of the season and celebrate all that is good with the Lee family:

1. I love my job. I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I do, but I really think I’ve found my calling. Technical writing is a good fit for me. And working part time rocks.

2. I finally got my grades from my tech comm program, so now I officially get to graduate.

3. Justin had an amazing report card, PLUS he actually passed his swimming lessons. That’s the first time either of my kids has passed swimming. Awesome.

4. Brayden just lost his first tooth. I had to physically yank it out of his mouth cause the adult tooth is fully in and needed space, but hey, all’s well that ends well. He was pretty stoked about his first visit from the tooth fairy.

5. We’re not travelling for Christmas this year. Technically I’m hosting, but the way it worked out, none of the out-of-town relatives is actually sleeping at my place. Bonus.

6. We’re all healthy. Last year at this time we were three weeks into a brutal stretch of colds, flu, ear infections, bronchitis and eye infections that didn’t end until mid-January. Things are looking up this year.

So that’s the latest on us. Ho ho ho!